Monsanto’s Business of Death in Islamic Perspective In Indonesia

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Monsanto is an agriculture company, the origin of the United States .Monsanto's seed-producing food by using the techniques of genetic engineering, seed the food through the process of mixing genes from a species that is not a type. A cunning Monsanto Company characteristics, making them as if the lid of the eye with what they're working on just catching up the highest possible profit. This process can cause the seed that has been genetically modified can cause various diseases among them are  going on in the physical growth disorders and psychology problem in a rather old and bad effects can cause cancer, physical disabilities and death to those who consume it. Allah said: And when he goes away, he strives throughout the land to cause corruption therein and destroy crops and animals. And Allah does not like corruption. And prophet Mohammed PBUH said: no harm and no reciprocated harm"Islam is fundamentally not object to the use of genetically modified crops, given the benefits that are greater than harmful. But the use of it must done carefully considering the transferred gene can come from another plant organism. As for the MUI (Assembly of Indonesia Islamic Ulema) itself has not issued a fatwa about the use of genetically modified crops officialy, but the principle of caution always take precedence. The status of genetically modified crops would be lawful throughout the whole process of gene resources and engineering.


Monsanto; Islamic; Perspective

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