Javanese Interpretation of Moderatism:Contribution of Tafsir Al-Ibri>z on Moderate Understanding in Sharia and Mu’amalah

Ahmad Zainal Abidin, Thoriqul Aziz


Recently, some Muslims tend to stay in an extreme position related to their religion. They consider the scripturesas textual-exclusive source of religious teachings which then results in radical understanding of Islam. Meanwhile, others understand Islam contextulally and free which cause the emergence of liberal Islam. Most of the two behave excessively in applying religionrelated to sharia andmu’amalah. In between the two, a group having moderate view of Islam appears with Bisri Mustofa, a Javanese interpreter whose thought could be found inTafsiral-Ibriz, as its figure. This research utilizes descriptive-analytical method looking more on al-Qur’an understanding in sharia dan mu’amalah. This writing suggests that: 1) Bisri Mustofa has moderatethoughtin his interpretation of Qur’anic messages with fair, middle, balanced, and tolerantcharacteristics 2) Bisri Mustofa’s moderate thoughtof sharia could be reflected in some aspects in performing five prayers, dhikir, and pray, and recitingal-Qur’an, tashbi>h,and tahli>l. 3) Bisri Mustofa’s moderate thought of mu’amalah is reflected in the ethicsof visiting, working, and economic management.


Moderation; Tafsir al-Ibri>z; Sharia; Mua’malah

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