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DDA to Work as Supervisor in Implementing Delhi Master Plan 2021

by Fleta Camarillo (2020-07-17)

As the National Capital gears up for a makeover with the Delhi Master Plan 2021 nearing its commencement, we must look into the highly credential roles of DDA in MPD supervision of India's first Smart City plan by DDA. Delhi Developmental Authority has pioneered urban development over the years and is going to supervise the executions of all the plans and layouts at L Zone and other areas under DDA Smart City Plan. The plan envisages compressing the immense population pressure by providing proper accommodation facilities and therefore managing the expected rise in population in the coming years. DDA will be playing the regulatory role in the master plan.

After approving small chunks of land to the private real estate developers, it will be superimposing revenue maps on the approved Zonal plans. It stands responsible for the management of Action area plans for the urban extension projects. The organization is reported to be currently engaged with the task of qualifying the DDA Master Plan 2021 to cater to the evolving changes in the global market.

Prime focus of DDA will be on formulating plans, policies and proposals for the Master Plan which is much anticipated to turn Delhi into a reigning capital in the world. The engineering oriented organization will supervise several plans including city level plans, sub-city level plans, comprehensive traffic and transportation plan, circulation network plan and environment management schemes. DDA plans to operate through a decentralized local area planning with a participatory approach during the initial stages of the master project. The real estate group as a cause of the land pooling policy will build the infrastructure for different zones allocated in Delhi-NCR with provisions of physical infrastructure support by the developmental authority.

The qualitative change to happen in Delhi-NCR will be an evolution into a world class metropolis equipped with super amenities. The challenge to provide a good quality life for citizens ensuring appropriate socio-economic development year on year will be addressed by implementing correct urban planning with the idea of making a city "Smart". Sustainable development by meeting all contemporary needs of future inhabitants is the focal point of the Master Plan 2021. DDA will play the role of a facilitator adhering to the pooling policy caused public-private partnership.

The imperial role carried by DDA to successfully implement the plan also incorporates perspective planning for water supply and power supply, sewerage and drainage, solid waste management system and disaster management. The Master Plan that aims to give lakhs of future residents a quality and high standard living will be monitored on all grounds by DDA to ensure timely and Quế Lâm efficient delivery of the projects. It is said that if people do not come forward to participate in development through land pooling then DDA has to lead to the possession of the left out land pockets in a time bound manner.

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