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Top 12 Fastest Tanks in the World

by Rebecca Edkins (2020-07-18)


In the article on the fastest submarine, we had pointed out that it is not really important for an attack submarine to be fast as much as remain silent. Here is another class of vehicles which need not be too fast rather should focus on being nimble. We are talking about the tanks and surprisingly, they are fast indeed.

In a conflict scenario, tanks can be easily air dropped or air transported to the conflict zone, so it need not be necessarily fast to reach the spot. So then why talk about the speed at all? There are many reasons for that, for example, to pursue and catch-up with retreating enemy tanks, to reach another point of conflict from where the tank was originally deployed or simply to retreat in haste, should such a scenario arise. Makes sense? So, now that we know the possible reasons let's look at the speed hulks of the military world.

For the sake of standardization, I am assuming a couple of points. We will be taking all tracked vehicles or the ones replacing tracked vehicles. Otherwise, we will have to look across categories like tanks, tank destroyer, armored tracked vehicle, etc. Second, we will be talking about top speed in standard road conditions and wherever this information is not available, the available speed details will be considered and the same will be specifically mentioned.