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MPD 2021, A Major Reformation In Land Acquisition In India

by Fleta Camarillo (2020-07-19)

Migration to urban centers is not an indigenous concept and is a process that takes place, globally, at all major urban conglomerates.
However, this trend of massive influx of people to urban centers is more prevalent in emerging economy and India is not exception to this phenomenon as this trend has been more rampant after liberalization of economy. In this scenario, Delhi is a major metropolis which has been impacted by this migration of people and facing immense pressure of immigrated population.

Master Plan Delhi 2021, thus is a major initiative to unburden pressure of population from the capital by creating five major sub cities at the outskirts of Delhi.

According to master plan Delhi 2021 news surfaced at major national dallies, Tour Quế Lâm từ Hà Nội this plan aims to make home as many as for 24 million Delhi Citizens by 2021.

The major policy declaration under the new master plan Delhi is land pooling policy that included even private players into land acquisition that earlier was only prerogative of government planner DDA.
The new policy even envisaged by DDA led to the major policy reshuffle in conventional land acquisition pattern occurred in India in sixties. For example, the master plan in Delhi began around in year 1961. At that time, DDA used to take land directly from the farmers at its set prices.

And next step after land procurement was to sell and develop land piece by piece.

After that the authority used to do master planning and sell, develop land piece by piece. The land valuation though nominal was acceptable to farmers and land owners in absence of private players in urban planning.

With the arrival of private players to cater the growing need of home by 80ies, the demand for land as well price rose. The farmers then were reluctant to sell their land to government and demanded more money for their land on market prices.

This created a chaos in area of urban planning and development and led government to come up with more practical approach under as Land Pooling Policy issuing master plan notification S.O 2687, 5th 2013. According to this notification, private players have been directed to acquire land directly from framers and develop housing units and commercial complexes.

According to master plan 2021 map, the National Capital of Delhi has been divided into 15 planning zones ranging from 'A' to 'P'. Under all these zones estimated 24 lakh residential units for 23 million people are to be made. The most important zones under MOD 2021 are Zone L, Zone PII and Zone KI.

Zone L that is also designated as Dwarka Master Plan 2021 is the most important area under MPD 2021 that is consisted of around 46 villages adjoining to Najafgarh in West Delhi. Situated by the National Highway 10 and in proximity to Gurgaon city and IGI airport, it has potential to provide home to as many as 15 lakh people in coming years.

The land pooling policy MPD 2021 along with private builders is also open for initiatives as public private partnership, landowners groups as a cooperative effort. The broad information about master plan 2021 can be further obtained from websites as

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