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How to Fix a Brother Sewing Machine Stuck in Reverse With Pictures

by Selena Coleman (2020-07-24)

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Being in the middle of a project and having to stop to take a sewing machine to the repair shop because it's stuck in reverse is a pain, especially if you have a deadline. Wouldn't it be nice and a whole lot easier if you could just DIY, fix it in no time having pictures to help along the way and get back to your sewing? That's what I thought anyway.

I was working on a recycling jeans project the other day and broke out my sewing machine which hasn't been used in a long time, and probably why it still looks like new. Then when I went to use it and it would only sew in reverse I got a little aggravated. Now I have to stop what I am doing, find a repair shop that services Brother sewing machines, take it there and you know you almost always have to leave it. Then when you go to pick it up days later the worst part is paying the bill when you get there and putting everything your doing on hold until it is fixed, .

Being that I was really motivated to get these projects done and honestly having fun while I was doing it, I figured how hard can it be. So the Google search began. Then I was really shocked at how many people were having the same problem. I started to get even more aggravated when I saw a response to a very polite request from a woman that went like this, "For all you people that have the same problem just take the cover off and oil the mechanism. Make sure you move it back and forth while you oil it." OK I'm no sewing machine tech, shoot I hardly ever even sew, making me wonder how I am supposed to know where this mechanism is, what it looks like, and how will I know when it‘s fixed. Now determined to find out, take pictures, and hopefully make it easy for everyone else by posting this hub, I began my mission and here's how I did it.