Focus & Scope

The INVEST Journal of Sharia & Economic Law, with electronic International Standard Serial Number (E-ISSN) 2776-4354 and print International Standard Serial Number (P-ISSN) 2776-4982, is published by the Institut Agama Islam Negeri Ponorogo in Indonesia and is organized by the Sharia Faculty. 


Invest provides scientific articles, original research reports, reviews and scientific commentaries in Muamalah studies (the study of transactions and interactions in the economic field that comply with Islamic law).


Invest includes research papers from researchers, academics and practitioners. In particular, papers that address the following general topics are invited:

  1. Muamalah Fiqh
  2. Islamic law
  3. Islamic philanthropy
  4. Maqhasid Sharia
  5. Halal industry and services
  6. Islamic Economics
  7. Islamic Capital Markets and Fintech