Focus & Scope

Invest Journal of Sharia & Economic Law, E-ISSN: published by the IAIN Ponorogo, Indonesia organized by Sharia Faculty. This journal is published every July and December. The Invest Journal focuses on the results of field studies and literature studies in the field of Islamic economic law, especially the integrative study of Islamic economic law in Southeast Asia. This journal publishes original articles on the latest issues and trends occurring internationally in Syariah economic law instruction, learning, policy, and preparation of lectures with the aim to advance our knowledge of Sharia economic law education theory and practice.

Scopes include:

Result of study either theoretically, a specific approach, or geographically on

  • Sharia economic law
  • Sharia business law
  • Sharia management law
  • Sharia banking law
  • Law of sharia financial institutions
  • Non-bank financial industry law
  • Fatwa
  • Sharia economics
  • Islamic law
  • Economic Law
  • Business Law
  • Financial Law