To check for possible plagiarism, use the Turnitin app. Articles must be under 20% of plagiarism.

Plagiarism includes:

Word for word Plagiarism. The author uses another author's words (exactly) without citing the source.

Plagiarism over sources. The author uses other people's ideas without giving sufficient credit (without explicitly mentioning the source).

Writing Plagiarism. The author acknowledges being the author of someone else's written work.

Self Plagiarism. Included in this type are authors who publish one article in more than one publication editor. And recycle paper/paper.

What is important in self-plagiarism is that when you take your own work, the resulting new work must have significant changes. This means that the old work is a small part of the newly produced work. So readers will get new things, which the author actually put on paper using old paper.