Dhinuk Puspita Kirana(1*)
(1) STAIN Ponorogo
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.21154/kodifikasia.v7i1.775


It is widely believed that English Foreign Language (EFL) learners
need to develop their language proficiency by getting so much input. Moreover, students need to be familiarized with the real English us­age where real forms of communication and cultural knowledge are crucially exposed. Teaching through authentic materials will make the learners feel that they are learning a real language which is used by the real native speakers for real communication. incorporating au­thentic materials helps students acquire an effective communicative competence in the language focus. The research intended to describe the implementation of authentic materials in extensive reading class, the problems arise and the students’ responses toward the authen­tic materials in extensive reading class. The design of the research was Descriptive Qualitative method and the research subject was
the lecturer of Extensive Reading class and 33 students in B class of the fourth semester of STAIN Ponorogo who took Extensive Read­ing subject. The instruments used were in the form of observation sheet, interview guideline and questionnaire. The implementation of authentic materials in extensive reading class covered some procedures into three main phases namely (1) Pre­ Activity, (2) Main­ Activity and (3) Post­Activity. The activities in main activity are as follows: (a) Pre­ Activity; (b) Whilst ­Activity; and (3) The language focus stage. There were problems arose during the implementation in terms of complicated planning, more time allocation and some disinterested students. Finally, the students showed significantly positive attitude toward the implementation of authentic materials in extensive reading class.


authentic materials, extensive reading, teaching reading.

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