Call For Paper Al-Tahrir: Jurnal Pemikiran Islam, 2020-2021


 Jurnal Pemikiran Islam of IAIN Ponorogo

 Accredited with Grade Sinta 2 Based Direktur Jenderal Penguatan Riset Dan Pengembangan Kementerian Riset, Teknologi, Dan Pendidikan Tinggi Republik Indonesia, Number:  34/E/Kpt/2018,  Date 10 December 2018.


Al-Tahrir: Jurnal Pemikiran Islam is published biannually (every six months, on May and November) by the State Islamic Institute of Ponorogo. The editorial board raises a certain topic in any areas within Islamic Studies for each number. We accept papers both from empirical research and critical reflection of the author on contemporary issues which are in line with the topic of the issue.

The editorial board invites authors to submit their papers to the Al-Tahrir journal on the following schedule:

Vol. & No.


Sub tema





Vol. 20,

No. 1

Tahun 2020



Islam and social change

Change Moslem society in 4.0



28 February 2020



May 2020

Millenial era and its impact on Moslem society

Economics, politics, religious behavior and interpretation of Islam in contemporary Moslem society



Vol. 20,

No. 2

Tahun 2020



Islam and politics

Shifting Islam politics in post truth era



30 July 2020



November 2020

Behavior of Moslem's politics in Indonesia

Implementation of islamic doctrine in politics in 21 century

Media and Islam politics in millineal era



Vol. 21,

No. 1

Tahun 2021



Islam:  liberalism and fundamentalism

Discourse of islamic liberalism and fundamentalism in 4.0


28 February



May 2021


Islamic liberalism and fundamentalism between doctrine  and reality

Trends in the Islamic liberalism and fundamentalism movement



Vol. 21,

No. 2

Tahun 2021



Islam and conflict resolution

Islam and conflict resolution in indonesia in 21th century



30 July 2021



November 2021

Islam and conflict resolution in millenial era and 4.0

The role of Ulama in conflict resolution

Conflict resolution in Indonesia for muslim society


Posted: 2019-09-19