Contribution of Mohammad Nawawī bin ‘Umar in Family Conflict Management

Qurrotul Ainiyah


Moeslim ulamas of Indonesia have so many works which talk about any social aspect including the concept of family. One of moeslim ulamas of Indonesia who was very active to contibute the idea in the written form was Syeikh Nawawī bin Umar. This paper will be focused on ‘Uqūd Al-Lijjain book. It is one of Sheikh Nawawi's work which describes about family management that regulate how to keep the harmonization of family. This book tends to the superiority of man. It is because this book has been written in more than one hundred years ago, where Syeikh Nawawi lived in patriarchy environment. Then, the results of this paper are;first, the education background and social life of Syeikh Nawawi which basically in islamic boarding school. Second, ‘Uqūd Al-Lijjain is a book which provides family management including the laws and relation ethics between husband and wife according to Imam Syafii madzhab. Third, ‘Uqūd Al-Lijjain answers the management conflict in a family, that is between a husband and wife should understand the right and obigation of each.


Management; Family; ‘Uqūd Al-Lijjain

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