Joni Indra Wandi, Reflianto Reflianto


Purposes of this study were to analyze the behavioral phenomenon, emotional and divorce lawsuit by women in the family of matrilineal society in Padang. This research used a qualitative method with survey design. Technique of collecting data used interview form, observation sheets and documentation. Data analysis was carried out by classifying, getting interpretation, making validity and drawing conclusions. To test the validity of the data used triangulation and discussions with colleagues. The results of research showed that phenomenon of behavioral, emotional and divorce lawsuit by women in the family of matrilineal society in Padang occur due to the impact of gender equality. On the positive side, gender equality could be felt by women in education, leadership and the opportunity to get a job. While the negative side effects of gender equality in the family was declining the emotional maturity, changing in culture and religious values in the social behavior of women. Implementation of this research to be useful for ninik mamak, academician, clergy and the local government of Padang to socialize and provide consultation to evaluate the application of cultural values, customs and religion in a gender perspective and thus creating gender equality should be in accordance with the customary and religious teachings.


gender; women; families

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