Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings! We are approaching you to invite you to the Advisory Board of our international journal.

INVEST Journal of Sharia & Economic Law, E-ISSN: 2776-4354; P-ISSN: 2776-4982 published by the IAIN Ponorogo, Indonesia, organized by Sharia Faculty. This journal is published every July and December.

The Invest Journal focuses on the results of field studies and literature studies in Islamic economics, especially the integrative study of Islamic economic law, Islamic Finance, and Halal Studies in Southeast Asia. This journal publishes original articles on the latest international issues and trends in Islamic Economic instruction, learning, and policy to advance our knowledge of Islamic Economic Law, Islamic Finance, and Halal Studies theory and practice.

With the intention of expanding inclusive character of this journal, we invite you to the EDITORIAL BOARD of the Invest Journal of Sharia & Economic Law. It will be our immense pleasure to receive your acceptance for this 5-year voluntary service for academic and research mentorship. We look forward to hearing from you soonest possible. Please also copy your reply to