Conducting the peer review process for The INVEST Journal of Sharia & Economic Law requires a rigorous and fair approach. Our process, which adheres to a double-blind review system, ensures both precision and impartiality. To achieve this, we have established a robust pathway.

  1. Manuscript Submission: Scholars submit their works through online portals. This initial step is crucial for introducing new insights into the disciplines of Sharia and Economic Law.
  2. Initial Screening by the Editorial Team: The manuscript's first port of call is with our editorial team, which ensures that it meets our submission criteria, laying the groundwork without delving into its academic merits.
  3. Evaluation by Editor-in-Chief (EIC): The EIC assesses the submission's alignment with the journal’s thematic and scholarly expectations and determines its voyage through the review process.
  4. Delegation to an Associate Editor (AE): An AE, knowledgeable in the domain of the manuscript, is appointed to steer the peer review and guide it towards reviewers with the right expertise.
  5. Reviewer Selection: Experts in Sharia and Economic Law were invited to scrutinize the manuscript. Our aim was to enlist at least two independent reviewers to maintain the integrity of our double-blind review protocol.
  6. Reviewers' Consideration: Invited reviewers weigh their expertise, potential conflicts of interest, and availability before accepting or declining the review task. They may also recommend alternative reviewers if necessary.
  7. Conducting the Review: Reviewers dedicated time to thoroughly evaluate the manuscript, initially gauging its overall contribution, and then diving deeper to provide a detailed analysis. These recommendations have been submitted to the journal.
  8. Editorial Deliberation: AE assesses all reviews, balancing differing opinions, possibly by consulting an additional reviewer to reach a well-rounded decision.
  9. Decision Communication: The authors are informed of the decision and are equipped with anonymous feedback from the review process. Our commitment to a double-blind review ensured unbiased and constructive criticism.
  10. Follow-up Actions: Accepted manuscripts move to production, whereas those needing revision receive detailed feedback to aid enhancement. Reviewers are updated on the outcomes, readying them for potential reevaluation of the revised submissions.

As the publication of The INVEST Journal of Sharia & Economic Law advances, it strives to accelerate scholarly discussions by implementing a continuous publication model. Our rigorous peer review process plays a vital role in preserving the dissemination of exceptional, influential research to the international academic community.

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